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Tutti i commenti Entra o Registrati ora per lasciare un commento! Commenti popolari Commenti recenti. Seriously, I dunno why so many of you fucking idiots are freaking out about this. She's an adult and she agreed to provide a service for a price, so she did. You also have no fucking idea how she actually feels about the scene. It might be the best sexual experience of her life. There are countless people out there who want and get off on genuine pain and forcefulness, sometimes to the extreme.

Just because you're different is no fuckin reason to speak badly about anyone. Everyone is being a social justice warrior. And if you see a title among the lines of teen don't like anal. Than you can assume it may be a little graphic. So what's the point of complaining when you knew what type of video this will be? She sucks at taking it up the ass.. Every one and their mamma have something to say about a porn video now.

Whatever happen to just bust a nut and keep it moving This shit has turned into YouTube I mean she obviously didnt like it but this is pornhub every title is clickbait lol.

It seems pretty obvious that the type of people who would enjoy painal would also find that demeaning women to where they have sex for money is probably going to be a turn on for them. Did you not hear him shush her? Some people actually give a shit about the pain and suffering of other human beings you twat. This is absolutely awful. I feel so bad for her. Not only that, but nearly 1MM people have seen her in this — which isn't a great moment for her.

I love porn, but this makes me sick. I love getting fuck hard in the ass! Hey, Mr Social justice warrior, what did you expect from a video entitled "teen don't like anal"?

Just don't watch if you know it will make you sick. I don't like scatophilia, it makes me sick. I don't watch scatophilia videos on purpose just to spit my disgust on the commentary section. But what makes me even more sick is people like you, acting like virtuous knights on a porn site. Your the type of guys we girls love fucking. She wasn't making noise to begin with because he was most likely a cock when she walked into the room. This is hot as fuck!

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